What is Cooperativism?

When we learn the meaning of the words, we find out what the concept of something is, what is behind of some idea. This knoledge facilitate the way that people comprehend better their lives, work and community.

The term Cooperativism comes from the verb to cooperate, that also means to work together with people to realize the same objective.

By cooperation, confidence and solidarity, the people will organize theirselves to defend their interests.

This cooperation and union of people to the same action is called cooperativism.


• people with voluntary adhesion;
• struggle of each one;
• common benefit;
• criation of mutual help;
• services offer;
• realization of economic activities together.

The cooperative is the best form of democratic organization and without internal or external pressure.

Some caracteristics make the cooperative a society very different of others. The cooperative exists to offer services to their members – It’ll work for the members.

The members of a cooperative have some rights and duties, they’re clients and owners at the same time.