French musician, composer and author, Jacques Mayoud is born in Lyon in 1954. His stage career began with his brother Dominique in the 1970s, then singing, playing and recording folk music with Steve Waring and in the folk bands La Bamboche and Mélusine. Since 1980 he has been performing his own compositions in shows that combine traditional music, story telling, chanson française and theatre with the band Balafon-Taxi, with the Senegalese story-teller Mamadou Diallo, with Jean-Pierre Yvert in duo Nord/Sud and now with his own band or in solo.

He released several albums of songs and musical tales for young people. His songs, and especially those from his aquatic concert Sounds in Water, have a wide ranging appeal. He composed in 1991 a score for the Jacques Prévert’s Opera of the Moon which was subsequently taken up by thousands of children in France and around the world.

Playing a lot of instruments, he has composed over the years as much on the balafon, the kalimba, the calabash drum and harmonic flute as on the fiddle, the piano, the folk guitar or the bouzouki. He also formed the trio Moon drinkers with the Chinese singer and guzheng player Qian Li. For his recently created concert Such a beautiful garden, he wrote the song A child speaks inspired with the French translation of Severn Suzuki’s speech in Rio in 1992.

Jacques Mayoud teaches sanza playing, traditional world music listening or song writing in formation institutes or in workshops at his artist-house la nOte bleue where he welcomes others artists and groups, children and families. That is not only to listen to native cultures or help people to create music and songs : it is  also his way of acting for a better life on our earth.




Jacques Mayoud

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