Ms.Confidence Enyonam Fiaka is a young Ghanaian woman.

She was call and desired to impact positively on her generation in the area of poverty eradication in Ghana and Africa she is the founder and President of the International Bilingual Development Foundation with the headquarters in Accra – Ghana.

Development is lacking in most area of Ghana and Africa leading to poverty in our communities.

She believed there are many contributing factors to this phenomenon and it is the responsibility for every one of us to contribute his/her quota in various capacities in order to fight this cancer.

She passed through many difficulties in life but believed that weather rich or poor; educated or uneducated; Christian, Moslem or any religious body; either black or white, she thinks, all have a role to play.

She believed that our liberty depends on our ability to change things around us, change people around us and our ability to identify opportunities when we see them.

She believed that poverty is a choice and every one has to weather chose to be poor or not but in all this, we those aware of this fact need to help others so that they may also see things in the same direction.

There are many things that need to be shared within and across borders – these are things that divide us as family, nation and continent and prevent our development.

She wants to be part of development in her generation, be part of women that make difference in Africa and to be part of African history.